The person responsible of this law firm is Ms. Anna Baccolo, who was born in Voghera (Italy) on 15th September 1962 and is registered on the bar association of Pavia (registration number A.O-00565). She is insured for her professional responsibility with Vittoria Assicurazioni (number of policy 536014000511086)
Anna Baccolo obtained her diploma of higher school at the School for Classical Studies (Liceo Classico) “Severino Grattoni” in Voghera. She attended the law faculty at the university of Pavia, where she took a degree in law discussing a graduation thesis on a simulation about the matrimonial consensus titled “The exclusion of the “Unitas” element in the canonical marriage”.
In order to deepen and complete her grounding she has been a canon law and ecclesiastical law researcher and didactic adjuvant at the same University faculty (though workshops, exam sessions, editing comment notes and sentences). Once taken her doctorate (8th cycle, she has cultivated the study of the themes relating to matrimonial law obtaining the academic title of Doctor through the discussion of a thesis called “The New Causae Propositio in the canonical matrimonial process”.
After that she has contemporaneously practiced at the bar association President’s office of Voghera and attended a preparation course for the exam of solicitor in Milan given by Mr. Mariconda, cultivating a true interest for the law application and the lawyer profession, which have been confirmed after the end of the practice term, by passing the competitive solicitor examination (the present lawyer competitive examination) at the Court of Appeal in Milan.
She was vice-lower court judge at the Magistrate’s Court in Pavia until 1998, she has worked as a lawyer since 1994 (first registered at the Bar Association of Voghera, then at the Association bar of Pavia)having her office in Pavia. She has collaborated with other lawyers giving particular attention to her professional updating.
Her specific competences regard the matrimonial canonical law both substantial and legal allows her to supply a highly qualified consulting service also regards the annulling and causes of annulling of the religious marriage with civil effects according to the Concordat.